До 5.07.2013 22:00 - Дом на колесах
под заказ за 490 390 Евро

СКИДКА 5 000 рублей с продажи и 5% с аренды!!! При предоставлении листовки и залога с 11-го июня по 5-е июля!!!


Mission:   We Make Comfortable and Cheap Living for Everybody!


Master Camper:

1) International Caravan Company, branches in Lithuania and Belarus

2) Based in St. Petersburg Russia, Pushkin, Sappernaya 69, Moscow, Istra Camping

3) More than 100 Caravans in stock!

4) Full range of services - rent, sale, storage, repairs, order

5) Additional services - partnership, bonus cards, commission

6) Extra services - moving, equipment installation, registration, tents, equipment for bikekeeping, water heater

7) Experience -8 years on the market, more than 200 successful sales of caravans

8) Customer Support Services - responsible storage, exchange, credit, leasing, trade-in

9) Hotline – technical support for Clients, Master-Class

10) Great Team of Master Camper!!!